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The 1st Haircut

- 21st Jun 16

By all accounts my son has a fairly impressive head of hair. When wet it can reach as far as the middle of his back. But things were getting out of hand. I’m all for the ‘surfer’ dude look but the boy has to be able to see where he’s going. So at the tender age of 2 and a quarter we booked him in for his 1st haircut.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree, this can be a big moment. If things go bad, the hairdressers could join ranks with the dentist and other places to be feared. So we decided to shell out a little more and go to The Little Clipper in East Dulwich. It’s £12 for a kids 1st haircut but it’s not the award winning stylist you’re paying for, it’s the fact that your little one sits in a racing car watching Penguins of Madagascar whilst the lovely lady snips away at his locks.

Scissors (1)

We were a little late so I dropped my wife off and went to park the car. By the time I’d got back it was done with the whole thing taking roughly 7 minutes. ‘£12!’ I thought. But to be fair, what was I expecting? Any sort of pre-cut washing would be madness. Still, far from being upset, he was having a great time.

Check out the mini TVs they can watch whilst relaxing in their cars:

1st HaircutGreat Fun!


So in the end it was fine and we were on our way fairly quickly. Was it worth it the £12? Having no experience of the alternative it’s difficult to say. But if these kind of events stay long in the memory then I’m sure it was worth going the extra mile to ensure the experience was a good one. Plus maybe now he won’t get mistaken for a girl so much!

The end result, one happy lad and an ever so slightly shorter haircut. Looking back, maybe we should have asked them to take some more off. Never mind!


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Father of 2, keen cyclist and Arsenal Fan living in South East London.

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