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Quick Fire Friday over on The FMLY Man Instagram feed was an opportunity to get to know a few of the classic Instadads out there, and some who are new on the digital dad scene but definitely making their mark. Here’s all of my interrogations in one epic post as a nice way to round off 2017 – ‘the year of the Instadad’.


Sam @thelearnerparent

First up is Sam Avery @thelearnerparent. Sam is a comedian, an award winning blogger, his book came out in October, oh, and he’s dad to twin boys! So without further ado…

1. Favourite boyband of all time? Norweigan popsters A-ha. When I was 7 I used to pretend to be the singer and beat my younger brother up when he wouldn’t pretend to be the keyboardist.

2. Love Island or bang your head against a wall? To be fair, I’ve never watched Love Island. But I have had a concussion and it wasn’t that bad I suppose.

3. Lampard or Gerrard? Lampard for me. Gerrard scored too many goals against Everton.

4. Ok, continuing with your love of Everton, your book deal or Everton winning the Premier League? Everton winning the league because only then will I be sure that my kids will support them and the thought of them cheering on another team simply appals me.

5. Celebrity crush? Reece Witherspoon. I’d eat that chin of hers (FMLY Man: with a spoon?)

6. What did your careers advisor tell you you’d be? I can’t quite recall but I do remember filling in one of those computer generated questionnaires in school and ticked that I didn’t actually like anything. It said I should become a poet.

7. Favourite beer? Bier Moretti. On draft.

8. Your worst parenting habit? Constantly thinking ‘ooh, that’s quite funny’ and writing it down instead of enjoying the moment.

9. Best day of your life (except for the twins being born)? My wedding day.

10. One parenting hack? Bluff your way from day to day by offering a series of increasingly ludicrous bribes.

Cheers Sam! Sam’s book ‘Confessions of a Learner Parent’ is out now!


Giles @youthedaddy

Friday night… put your feet up, get the beers in, and check out this week’s Quick Fire Friday from @youthedaddy

1. Favourite kids’ show? Peppa Pig…Daddy Pig is a total dude

2. Being hungover with a baby to look after, or treading on hot coals? Hot coals, no question

3. Most embarrassing poster on your bedroom wall as a youngster? I don’t think I had any posters that didn’t feature Britney Spears

4. Worst job you’ve had? A Christmas shop over the holidays on Guildford High St – last minute shoppers are animals

5. In three words, how would your 18-year-old self describe you now? Fat, old and boring

6. One luxury item to take to a desert island? My favourite book, The Catcher in the Rye, which I’ve read about 1,000 times. Love it…

7. What’s on your bedside table? My ROBERTS Revival DAB radio – best investment ever

8. Most embarrassing song you listen to? ‘It’s illegal, it’s immoral, or it makes you fat’ by The Beverley Sisters…on repeat

9. First thing you’d buy if you won the lottery? A massive house (FMLY Man: I forgot to mention, you only won a tenner 😉)

10. Dream dinner party guests? Two men, two women, have to be alive… Sharon Horgan, Richard Ayoade, Aisling Bea and Adam Buxton

Cheers Giles, now for that beer…


Billy @gooutsidethelines

Friday night; get yourself an ale and get to know Billy, the man behind the brilliant @gooutsidethelines with this week’s #QuickFireFriday…

1. How did Go Outside the Lines come about?
I’ve always had a love for typography design and how it combines with the English language. It got me thinking about children’s art and how their language is so unique. I wanted to bring together something that a parent would like to have on the wall in their child’s bedroom, but something children would be proud of and would interact with too

2. How do you like your eggs in the morning?
With a kiss

3. Who would you prefer to be stuck in a lift with? Donald Trump or Theresa May?
I’ll wait for the next one (FMLY Man: Not an option, as punishment, you’re now stuck with both)

4. Favourite Spice Girl?
They each have their unique individual quality.

5. What’s worse? Clearing up baby poo or baby sick?

6. If you and your wife got matching tattoos, what would they be? We’ve actually talked about this – it will happen… I think. I’ve always wanted Love and Luck

7. Three things you look for in an Instagram account to follow? Colour, Creativeness and Comedy

8. What did the last text you received say?
Can you bring in nappies, milk and whatever you want for dinner?

9. Do you have a parenting mantra?
To stay childish

10. Describe your 18-year-old self in three words?
Shy retiring type

Cheers Billy!


Tom @unlikelydad

Just got to work? Trying to avoid that spreadsheet? Well grab yourself a coffee and get to know brilliant dad blogger Tom @unlikelydad in this week’s #QuickFireFriday

1. What’s your hangover cure? Without doubt a full brunch with loads of buttery toast, black pudding and probably 3 flat whites

2. Sadly that cure didn’t work and now you’ve got to face either soft play or IKEA on a Saturday – which do you chose? You missed out the third option; ‘sweet release of death’. I’ll take that

3. Favourite Disney film? Aladdin. I crushed on him a little as a kid

4. Biggest parenting hurdle? I feel every ‘phase’ is a hurdle. Potty training, moving to a big boy bed, starting nursery… Current hurdle? Pissing everywhere like he’s forgotten he’s been toilet trained

5. What’s your party trick? I can rap better than Nicki Minaj… stick on SuperBass (after a few rum and cokes) and i’m well away!

6. Most embarrassing public moment with Kai? In Portugal a proper English, sunburnt man was walking around topless. Kai shouted whilst pointing at him “Daddy look, man boobies!”

7. What was your ‘look’ when you were 16? A Gwen Stefani-pirate-esque, bandanna wearing disaster (with A LOT of denim). All pictures have been burned (FMLY Man: @thebeardedshaman – please find a photo!)

8. Childhood ambition? To be a popstar of course… I still have time, right?

9. Favourite Instagrammer? I love @dayofrest at the moment. Style goals

10. Casualty or Holby City? You ask like i actually have time to watch TV? #netflixandchillat10pm

Cheers Tom! Now, get back to that spreadsheet!


James @thedididad

Friday afternoon and you’re doing anything to avoid work, right? Well, grab a coffee as it’s time to bunk off for a couple of minutes with #QuickFireFriday. This week it’s everyone’s favourite father of twins @thedididad!

1. The twins screaming at 3am or the neighbours having a party at 3am?
The party, it’s easier to talk down one Jägered up Manc than two crying twinnies

2. TV show from growing up you wish they’d bring back?
Finders Keepers with Neil Buchanan – reminds me a bit of our house right now, rooting through drawers for stuff for the babies

3. Most useless bit of parenting advice you’ve heard?
A classic from older parents: “Don’t worry, it gets easier”. When? “After about 18 years” – thanks for that

4. Apart from kids/marriage, at what point did you think, shit I’m an grown-up now?
When a parent you don’t know says to their child “Out of that man’s way” in the supermarket. You think ‘Who, me?’

5. Favourite Insta account?
I’m loving @mamnick at the mo’. Thom makes awesome clothes and his moments are epic #keepyompin

6. Snog, marry, avoid: Katie Price, Kim Kardashian, Theresa May.
Avoid Katie (like the plague), snog Kim (to annoy Yeezy), marry Theresa (keep your friends close and your enemies closer).

7. Grossest thing as a parent?
That first black, tarry poo they do after they’re born. Das Überpoo.

8. Ant or Dec?
Team Dec for *days*. How can you not love his little face?

9. Where would you emigrate to?
Are you mad? We’re never emigrating now we’ve got 3 kids. We need the grandparents!

10. Good news, I’ll babysit for you on Saturday. What will you get up to?
Ride my bike to the pub and drink some lovely beer. Not really. I’d be an idiot not to catch up on some sleep!

Cheers James!


Nigel @notsofunnydad

QUICK FIRE FRIDAY with @notsofunnydad. For anyone who’s not following Nigel, you’re missing out. Funny, witty and a little bit naughty, plus he posts great pics of his kids. Anyway here we go, starter for ten:

1. One thing you really like about yourself?
My ass because it was sculpted out of marble by the Greek Gods

2. One thing you really don’t like about yourself?
My ass because it’s slippery when wet

3. Your kids screaming uncontrollably for half an hour, or the fire alarm going off for half an hour (and btw, waving a tea towel over it won’t turn it off)?
Kids screaming because that means they’re still alive.

4. It’s your lucky day, I’m giving you £5. What are you going to spend it on?
1/6 of a PAPA #goodtee from @thefmlystore

5. Last person you called and what was it about?
My local Chinese takeaway, Fook Yu for my favourite order, TheCreamofSomeYoungGuy

6. What did you do for your stag do?
Handcuffed to a midget Smurfette behind the window in the Red Light District. True story!

7. Wrestle a lion or a shark?
Why would I want to wrestle my in-laws?

8. Strictly or X Factor?
Neither, because I only get to watch Paw Patrol.

9. Favourite Instagram account?
@notsofunnydad FACT

10. Which celebrity would you like to be mates with?
My brother from another mother, Kim Jong Un

You see? Naughty!


Mat @manversusbaby

What have Kim Jong Un & Ashton Kutcher got in common? They both LOVE @manversusbaby! This week’s #QuickFireFriday is the man behind Man vs Baby and author of ‘Dummy’, Matt Coyne. Let’s see why Kim has such a crush:

1. Hollywood are on the phone. Dummy’s being turned into a movie. Who plays you?
Ashton Kutcher. He’s a fan! His quote appears on the back of the book and we obviously have exactly the same bone structure.

2. Drive or be driven?
Driven. Laziness is my defining character trait plus driving means you have to be awake and sober and all that.

3. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
One pair that I’ll wear until they fall off my feet, or get absorbed into my body, then I’ll buy a new pair.

4. How many pairs of shoes does your wife own?
A reasonable amount… if she was a fashion-forward millipede.

5. Sadly the world is going to end tomorrow. What will you do for the next 24hrs?
I’d replicate the wildest night I’ve had in the last 2 years: I’d watch Pitch Perfect 2 and eat an entire out-of-date cheese board.

6. Describe your book in 3 words?
Idiot. Meets. Baby.

7. Snog, marry, avoid: Upsy Daisy, Mummy Pig, Grotbags?
Avoid Upsy Daisy. She drags her bed around like some lost mental patient after an apocalypse. Marry Mummy Pig. She’s ideal: part woman, part bacon. Snog Grotbags (although she had a ‘menage a trois’ thing going on with a crocodile and a robot called Robot Redford. That’d have to be sorted).

8. Have a pint with Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un?
Not Trump. I’d have to apologise for describing him in the book as a “racist, backwards man-child with hair that looks like someone’s backcombed bigfoot’s arsehole”.
So I’d go with KJ. Believe it or not I was once on the North Korean News Agency site described as ‘amusing father’. So Kim’s already a fan. Sort of.

9. Give us 3 #FF:
@theunmumsymum @thelearnerparent @youthedaddy

10. Best thing about being a dad?
Charlie. He’s smart, funny and perfect. And for a brief amount of time for one person on the planet you are the greatest entertainer who has ever lived. That’s something.

Cheers Matt!


Mat @thelifeofrileyfamily

This week’s #QuickFireFridayis Mat Riley @thelifeofrileyfamily… dad, fireman, vlogger and ex-GBBO contestant. So without further ado (*adopts Mel & Sue voices*) ‘ready, steady, bake / answer a load of inane questions’

1. Congrats on becoming a dad again! Right now, would you rather have a full night’s sleep or £1000?
I’ll take the £1000 and spend half on a hotel for the night and the other half on tea bags.

2. Some people might not know that when you’re not being a dad or an ex-GBBO baker, you’re a fireman. So, the big question is, have you ever rescued a cat from a tree?
No, but I have rescued a dog from a hole – the direct opposite!

3. Favourite band/singer when you were a teenager?
I was certain I was going to be a rock star. The rock star I decided to be like was glam king Marc Bolan. I grew my hair long, wore satin jackets and purple flairs. Not cool in 1992.

4. Favourite band/singer now?
@neilyoung if I’m in the kitchen, @runthejewels if I’m out skateboarding.

5. Mel or Sue?
Not sure you can have one without the other can you?!

6. What’s your perfect Saturday night?
I guess I’m meant to say a night in with my lovely wife and kids, but I’m going to say a night out with my mate, some beers, a good hot curry, more beers, then home to my lovely wife and kids, and bed by 10.30. Marc Bolan would be horrified by my lack of rock ‘n’ roll credentials!

7. Three #FF:

8. Snog, marry, avoid: Celine Dion, Madonna, Tina Turner?
Easy: snog Madonna, marry TT, avoid Celine Dion.

9. Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry?
Mary! She’s just one of the nicest people ever!
10. Great news, I’ve found a publisher who wants you to write your autobiography. What will you call it?
Harry Potter 8, The Chasm of Destiny (that way it’s guaranteed to sell millions 💰).

Cheers Mat!


Mark @lemon_drop_books

This week’s #QuickFireFridayis @lemon_drop_books. Mark is a dad and a children’s author (books stocked in @thefmlystore). Let’s go…

1. WHEN your books are turned into a children’s tv series, who’s going to be the narrator?
It would have to be, Idris Elba (UK version) & Denzel Washington (US)

2. Mark Lemon, do you like lemons?
Only in my G&T

3. Snog, marry, avoid: Lois Griffin, Marge Simpson, Wilma Flinstone?
Snog: Marge, Marry: Wilma, Avoid: Lois

4. Tips for aspiring children’s authors?
Write your ideas down and test on kids first. Kids will be quick to let you know if it’s rubbish! Once you’re happy, send them to agents/publishers. If you’re impatient, look into independently publishing yourself

5. Can you reveal any secrets about your next book?
It involves a magical barber – kids will love the character

6. Tell us about the bereavement charities you work with… When I was looking for a charity to get involved in, I knew I had to support a charity that helped give children and young people a better life, especially as I had experienced loss myself as a young boy. Winston’s Wish supports children who’ve lost a parent or loved one, providing support. Lemon Drop Books try and support however we can, raising awareness for this amazing charity

7. #FollowFriday x3:
@dj_fattony_ (makes me piss myself!), @selfishmother (for her brilliant charity fundraising) and of course @winstonswish

8. You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what is it?
Bloody hell this is hard. I would have to go with curry. LOVE it!

9. Best and worst things about IG?
Best is connecting with lovely people and dads. The worst thing is over-sharers who go on about nonsense. Instagram should be a positive forum

10. Do a fun run dressed as a gorilla or in a mankini?
I wouldn’t get too hot in a mankini, so mankini it is! Might scare the shit out of kids but hey ho!

Cheers! What Mark doesn’t realise is, he’s just agreed to do a FMLYMan fun run in a mankini


Connor @dads_and_donts

Meet Connor, dad of 2 who blogs as @dads_and_donts (the ‘Parenting Insights No One Actually Asked For’). He’s the star of this week’s #QuickFireFriday…

1. You’re relatively new to the dad blogging/insta world, what do you want to get out of it?
Being a new dad can be lonely so I want to be available through that transition, either through my blog or through IG. I’ve spoken to some great people and they’ve also shown that parenthood isn’t the end of your social life! Lastly, to not get weird looks or ask if I’m baby sitting when I’m out with the kids. Not much then!

2. Favourite song ever?
Bring It On Down – Oasis. So underrated and it’s my pick for the football changing room to get us gee’d up (FM – chon)

3. 3 Follow Fridays:
@dad_for_it @gooutsidethelines@mrshuttergems

4. You’re kid free for a weekend, what will you do?
Wow, we haven’t had that yet, and I have mixed feelings of excitement and sadness just thinking about it. I think a city break to Venice or Rome with Lily

5. Whilst the rest of us dad folk are losing our hair, yours is getting thicker and more beautiful every day. What’s your secret?
Haha I envy anyone who doesn’t have to blow dry! Working for L’Oréal I’m well aware of the ‘worth it’ jokes but genuinely, its genetic (plus the L’Oréal product obvs- haha)

6. Be hot forever or cold forever?
Cold definitely – couldn’t face a permanent full-on sweat

7. How many times do you check Instagram per day?
It used to be 6-8 times a day, but the hilarious dad groups has seen that number dramatically increase

8. First celebrity crush?
Liz Hurley

9. Latest celebrity crush?
Eva Green – I’m a sucker for a Bond Girl

10. Best and worst thing about being a dad?
Best: someone is genuinely and visibly happy to see you first thing in the morning or when you get home (FM: what about Lily?!). Worst: teething and the sleep deprivation that comes with that – it’s the worst!

Cheers Connor! Go follow @dads_and_donts – he’s worth it!


Matt @papa_pukka

This week’s #QuickFireFriday is a video – I know, futuristic right?! Here’s @papa_pukka who was down at @thefmlystore with @mother_pukkatalking about their book and flexible working. A fab and insightful event, and it was great to meet Matt and Anna for the first time.

This week’s #QuickFireFriday is a video – I know, futuristic right?! Here’s @papa_pukka who was down at @thefmlystore today with @mother_pukka talking about their book and flexible working. A fab and insightful event, and it was great to meet Matt and Anna for the first time. Give them a follow if you’re not already! Cheers for taking part Matt! 👊💥⚡️✌️#thefmlyman #selfishmother #papapukka #motherpukka #parentingtheshitoutoflife #flexappeal – 1. Best thing you and Anna have experienced through social media? 2. And the worst? 3. 3 follow Fridays? 4. Snog, marry, avoid: Rachel, Phoebe, Monica 5. Describe your book in three words 6. Your proudest moment as a dad? 7. For anyone that doesn’t know, what is Flex Appeal all about? 8. How much lycra do you own? 9. Worst job you’ve had? 10. What makes Team Pukka work?

A post shared by THE FMLY MAN (@thefmlyman) on

Adam @dad_for_it

A lot of you will already know of Adam @dad_for_it after his Trainspotting/Parenting print pretty much went viral(!). But here’s your chance to get to know him a bit better in this week’s #QuickFireFriday:

1. Go out on the piss with the CBeebies crew or the Milkshake crew?
Neither, I couldn’t risk getting kicked out of the So Solid Crew.

2. As a wiper of bums and a picker of dog poop, what’s worse?
Picking poop. Especially when ‘Vinnie 2 Poops’ stops for a second one half way across a main road and I have to run back across to get it like some weird game of dog poo frogger.

3. Given your handle and your logo, it’s got to be asked… Liam or Noel?
Noel. There, I’ve said it. Let’s move on.

4. 3 #FF:

5. Snog, marry, avoid: Mel B, Mel C, Mel G(ibson)? Snog: Mel G (he’d likely attack me which would result in a massive out of court settlement), marry Mel C, avoid Mel B – she’d be kicking out a reeet pong.

6. You can go back and relive one day of your life… what would it be?
The day we went to get our second Boston Terrier, Peggy. We had the pick of the litter and for some reason we picked a shark-toothed psychopath with a taste for Vinnie’s legs.

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Owner of a Porsche 911.

8. One household chore you wish would never need doing?
Mowing the lawn. There’s a clue to why in question 2.

9. You can be in any band (past or present), who’s it going to be (and what’s your role in the band)?
This is so tough. It’s either Oasis or the Bugs Band from BabyTV. I’m going with the Bugs Band, less drama. I’d make a great daddy long legs in the rhythm section.

10. What has fatherhood taught you?
How important the weekends are and not to waste them. –
Ace answers, and yep, it’s all about the 911! Cheers for taking part Adam!


Greg @london_dad

King of the black and white photo and the most famous dad in the capital, this week’s #QuickFireFriday is Greg @london_dad

1. You did a fair bit of traveling recently… top tip for anyone traveling with kids? Just one huh… Pack light. If you need something you can buy it. Even on the remotest islands they have shops catering for parents.

2.Three follow Fridays: I’m in love with @isleofwight_triplets @clemmie_telford
And my wife’s feed @flyawayfamily

3. Snog marry avoid: Rhianna, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift?
Avoid TS (high maintenance). Snog Rhianna and marry Beyonce, she was always my favourite Destiny’s Child, Kelly who?

4. Any advice for people looking to build their IG presence?
Loads of people ask this. I would say create pictures because you love taking pictures of whatever you are photographing. Don’t compromise with your style either, we have been paid for colour posts and instantly regretted it.

5. 3 most important things in the world?
Alice, Ezra, Etta (in no particular order)

6. Who’s cooking Christmas lunch this year?
That would be everyone at our house, with a mix of Alice, Whole Foods and my cooking

7. What has being a father taught you?
Patience, compromise and being selfless

8. Congrats, you’ve won a city break anywhere in Europe for you and your wife. Where are you headed?
Definitely heading to Aarhus, Denmark

9. Fave song to sing in the shower?
It’s got to be Queen’s ‘I Want to Break Free’

10. And lastly, prediction for England v Germany tonight? 2-2

Cheers Greg! If you’re not already, go follow @london_dad. Right, I’m off to check out Aarhus and to put a bet on tonight’s game!


Nick @ramblingsofanordinarybloke

One of my favourite dads on insta @ramblingsofanordinarybloke is this week’s star of #QuickFireFriday. As you can see, he’s quite shy… give him a follow!

1. 3 #ff:

2. Snog marry avoid: Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Robbie Williams?
Snog RW, it’s only fair, I’ve been fighting him off for years. Marry VW, avoid Serena – not sure I could cope with the constant changes to my feelings between fear and arousal

3. When’s the Xmas tree going up?
2nd weekend of Dec unless the kids wear me down beforehand

4. What has fatherhood taught you?
No matter what you give your kids, they want nothing more than your time, love and attention

5. Go back in time or into the future?
Back in time and change my career path (I also had hair and less love handles too)

6. What do you just not get?
I just don’t get sweet and sour food. It should either be sweet or savoury. I believe a law should be passed to that affect

7. Would you rather spend £100 in a spa or in a Spar?
Spar – I would have the king of all cheese boards

8. Favourite book you read the kids?
The older kids read their own books now but I love reading Julia Donaldson to Sophie as she belly laughs

9. What does an ordinary Saturday night look like in the @ramblingsofanordinarybloke’s house?
The girls watch X Factor whilst myself and Charlie tut and ask why we weren’t allowed to stay at the rugby club longer

10. Is your TV broken?
We fixed the TV in Oct ‘12. It seems to have slowed down the child production rate considerably (see the naked PAPA pic, it’s hardly surprising the wife couldn’t keep her hands off me!)

Go follow @ramblingsofanordinaryblokenow! Even Robbie Williams can’t resist!


Luke @mrshuttergems

This week’s #QuickFireFriday is @mrshuttergems who is going to reveal a bit about himself whilst also deciding which takeaway you should get this evening…

1. It’s Friday night, so the all important question; Indian or Chinese?
Did @shutter_gems put you up to this? She’s dying for take-out! Chinese is a clear winner here!

2. Are you on Santa’s naughty or nice list?
Nice but that depends on who you ask… you can’t please everyone

3. Snog, marry, avoid: Kim Kardashian, Kim Marsh, Kim Jong Un?
Marry KK (for the money and then invest in @brewdogofficial’s hotel). Can I change ‘avoid’ and make it a people’s elbow and send it KJU’s way? Snog KM after a few in the Rovers when Steve’s on an airport run.

4. 3 #FF:

5. What has fatherhood taught you?
It’s ok to be a big softy. Having kids has made me well-up at everything, and that’s ok fellas

6. Do you miss anything from your time before becoming a father?
Obvious one, but sleep! And having a jam on the guitar – Esmé is not a fan!

7. Tell us a joke:
I’m getting @shutter_gems a wooden leg for Christmas, it’s not her main present though… just a stocking filler

8. Who was your idol growing up?
Skateboarder @tonyhawk but after breaking my leg trying to drop in on a locked skatepark, I cut all ties and got a bike for xmas that year

9. You’ve got a day off from the kids, what are you going to do?
10yrs ago I would have locked the doors, closed the curtains and played COD. Nowadays I just wanna get on my bike and go on an epic ride out (if my old man bones let me)

10. What are your best/worst features?
Best: too nice for my own good. Worst: my ears but they make great handles for shoulder rides…

Cheers Luke!


Simon @father_of_daughters

King of captions, lycra and #daddingit with four daughters, this week’s #QuickFireFriday is Simon Hooper @father_of_daughters aka FOD. So, starter for ten…

1. What has being a father to four girls taught you?
Patience. Unbelievably huge amounts of patience.

2. 3 Follow Fridays #ff
@mother_of_daughters (I had to say that didn’t I?!) @kcstauffer @juliusdein.

3. Snog, marry, avoid: Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Brooke, R. Kelly?
Marry Kelly Brook, snog Kelly Osbourne, avoid R. Kelly – I’m not into the whole getting pissed on thing…

4. What’s Santa getting you for Xmas this year?
A vasectomy. Failing that, a gift set of male cosmetics that will be put in a cupboard and never opened.

5. Quality Street or Heroes?
Heroes, but if there’d been a choice for Roses, I would have gone for them.

6. Best and worst thing about being an ‘#Instadad’?
Best – getting to do things with my family we never would have before. Worst – the admin, it never stops.

7. Where should Prince Harry go for his stag?
Vegas baby! – A lad like that could get into a whole lot of trouble there. Best to leave the Nazi costume at home this time though…

8. Where did you go for your stag?
Budapest for 4 days. Broken doesn’t begin to describe how I felt after that.

9. Three words to describe what it’s like being the only guy in the house?
Too many hormones.

10. Photos or captions?
You can’t have one without the other. In my opinion, that’s like having a bacon sarnie without ketchup…
Cheers Simon! If you’re not already, follow @father_of_daughters. I’m off to Boots first thing in the morning… lucky I kept the receipt for your Christmas pressie. Getting you some Roses instead…


So there you go, it was like a (very long) episode of Parkinson back in the ’90s. Thanks for sticking it out and reading the ENTIRE post… hang on, you didn’t read it all? God damn it!

Back in the New Year with some more Quick Fire Fridays…

Laterz x

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I’m Jamie, the editor of The FMLY Man and also a dad blogger (@adayinthelifedad) I’m married to Georgia and I’m dad to two brilliant children, Edie and Arlo. We live with our two dogs and two cats in Berkshire, filling our time with country walks and arts and crafts (yeah right, watching way too much Netflix). If you'd like to write for The FMLY Man, go ahead, give it a go, it would be great to hear your tales of dad life. Any questions, please shout and I'd be more than happy to help. Toodlepip.

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