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It’s 3Am on this Monday morning, i’m laying this little one back down to sleep.

Or so I thought…

Her eyes wide open, searching the room for every little thing. Discovering all new things she has never experienced before. A smile comes across her face while the look of pure tiredness overwhelms mine.

I try to rock her to sleep, sing her to sleep, just keep her calm as possible but with no results at all.

Every moment with this little girl I must cherish, and believe me I do. But can you please go to sleep?” I politely ask”  She looks me straight in the eyes with what seems like the thought of ” no daddy, I think i’ll play now. “Of course you are Addie“, – This mini conversation i’m playing in my mind almost as if i’m talking to myself. Honestly at this stage I probably am.

Its now 4:30AM, with no light at the end of this tunnel. Matter of fact its just pure darkness in this room with hopes she will drift off into a magnificent sleep. You know in life when they say when something is too good to be true, it probably is?

They were right

It’s now 5AM and little miss Addison would now like to inconveniently eat again, I prepare the bottle and begin feeding her all while thinking to myself, this is it, she will fall asleep and I will be looking at the back of my eye lids.

I’m willing to admit when i’m wrong, this would be one of those times.

It’s now 5:30AM and she’s still bright eyed and busy tailed, talking in her foreign baby language, still smiling at times so its hard for me not to myself but its also hard to even realize where I am at this point.

She’s beginning to calm down now, eyes in rapid motion almost rolling in the back in her head. She moves into her comfortable position and drifts off.

A sudden exciting feeling rushes through my soul because I know it’s about to be my turn to sleep, I lay down and close my eyes.

Its now 6AM and we both are dreaming, possibly snoring but the important thing I am not conscious.

At least for now….

Its now 7AM and she is awake…..

Newborns will turn you into a zombie. Its as simple as that and there’s not much that can be done. You see these tips on follow routine, take a bath, all the shit that you could’ve swore was going to work. Trust me 95% of the time it won’t.

What do I do then?

Well you accept the fact that you wont sleep for possibly 3 months maybe longer, but i’m sure you have faced more daunting things in your life than lack of sleep.


I guess being a zombie isn’t so bad….Right?

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My name is Brandon and I’m a father of two wonderful daughters Alexis (6 years old) and Addison ( 1 month old). I just started a blog website where I talk about dad experiences, the good ,bad and ugly.

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