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Ok, so this is my first blog ever so you’ll have to excuse (or help where possible) my punctuation etc, I should also state early on that this is not a blog all about my daughter’s bedroom floor!

The reason behind the title is because it’s 7:57pm and I’m currently starting this blog whilst laying on Esmé’s bedroom floor. Laying on her floor is a long standing technique that helps her get to sleep whilst also giving me a bit of quiet time – so, win win (don’t tell the missus though!)

I’ve recently stumbled across the dadding community and become slightly addicted to seeing how you all do it and therefore wanting to get involved myself.

I’ve just become a dad to my second child, Cohen, and for a short while I was riding on the hashtag #2under2 but my daughter has now turned two and ruined a cool hashtag! Thanks for that!

Anyway, this is just a little about me and my family over the past few weeks:

I’m a refrigeration engineer and work for a successful hire company which means high demand for our product and in turn means long hours, early starts, late finishes and nights away.
I’m coming up to the end of nearly 4 weeks paternity leave (I know, right!) and am absolutely dreading returning to work. Not for me, but for my partner Gem as she went through a rough birth with Cohen and ended up having an emergency cesarean.
As you can imagine, and some of you have been there yourselves, this is a tough time for all involved. Gem could only lift the baby for breastfeeding and me; I had to lift everything else with a frustrated nearly 2-year-old constantly tugging my pocket.

We’re in a good position now 4 weeks later, but I still want to be there for Gem. It would be great to know how you guys looked after your partners from a far whilst ensuring the toddler didn’t jump from the dining table onto the Ikea kitchen? How did you get through long drives and the night feeds/changes?

Please let me know your thoughts and bare with the writing format, I will get better I’m sure.

Follow me on Instagram too if you fancy it @mrshuttergems




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Hi fellow bloggers, I'm MrShutterGems or Luke by deed poll. I'm reasonably new to blogging so please bear with me! Also any pointers, tips or constructive criticism is greatly welcomed. So, I'm 30, from the midlands (north Nottingham) and have 2 children, Esmé (2), and Cohen our newest addition born in August this year. My partner is a stay at home mum who used to teach adolescent teens but opted not to return to work as we agreed she is the best person to bring up our kids, she goes by the name @shuttergems - Instagram, and has a very good eye for photography! and Me, i am a Refrigeration engineer who travels far and wide across the uk bringing cooling needs to all, it does come with early starts, late finishes and often nights away. I'm here to document the honest upbringing of my family, I've already met a few awesome dads in my short time on my preferred platform..Instagram, and look forward to being a part of the fatherhood community. Thanks for reading if you got this far. 🤘🏻 Luke

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