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- 25th Jul 16


In days gone by, Monday mornings were a thing of terror.

The joy of the weekend being replaced by the drudgery of life back in the office with a hangover.

There are no such fears these days. Thoughts now to turn to planning the day ahead.


“We” being myself and my 17 month old employer/boss/daughter.

During term time, the week is fairly well structured, with plenty of courses and activities available.

Now however, the school holidays have begun, and EVERYTHING has finished.


A walk into town maybe? The local park? A drive to one of the Royal parks perhaps.

Now, the planning stage really kicks in.

What is she going to wear today? What have we got for a packed lunch? Have we got any apple crisps left? Are there any nappies left in the change bag? When is she going to have her nap? Have I got any cash on me? Does she need suncream? Where is that hat?

Mind you, before any of that, we have the battle of breakfast, where M decides what is going on the dining room floor – will it be some melty hoops, toast, raisins, or perhaps the spoonful of vitamins.

Wish me luck!




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Fully grown man-child, looking after the daily needs of my almost two year old (going on teenage) daughter, while Mum commutes into London. Very tired.

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