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Like most first time fathers, I’ll do pretty much anything for my expectant wife to help minimise her pregnancy mood swings and generally ensure that she, and our growing baby, feel as comfortable, happy and protected as possible. But how far is too far when it comes to looking after your pregnant spouse?

In week 10 of our pregnancy, I discoverd the line that even I was unwilling to cross…

As a dutiful dad in waiting, I’ve taken charge of all the household basics:

  • Make her breakfast in bed? CHECK
  • Empty the dishwasher? CHECK
  • Make sure she’s hydrated and taking her pregnancy vitamins? CHECK
  • Hang up the laundry? CHECK
  • Sort out the massive pile of ironing? CHECK
  • Make the bed? CHECK (usually with her in it)
  • Mow the lawn? CHECK
  • Pay the cleaner? CHECK
  • Stock the store cupboard with bland ‘morning-sickness friendly’ biscuits and crackers? CHECK
  • Constantly supply her with fresh hot water bottles? CHECK

Meanwhile, I have no problem with rushing out at any hour of the day or night to buy the chocolate bar she’s been craving, run her a bath or rub her aching feet. On one occasion, after a forced nap, I’ve even physically dressed her (much like you would a new baby or small child) so that she didn’t have to suffer a moment in the cold without any clothes on.

But the other day, she crossed the line…

My pregnant wife: I need to pee! (understandable…she goes about 10 times a day now)

Me, the dad to be: Go for it! Nobody’s stopping you…

Wife: I can’t…

Me: Oh no…why not?

Wife: It’s too cold…

Me: I’ll put the heating on.

Wife: No…the loo seat is too cold. Can you warm it for me?

Me: Sorry?

Wife: The loo seat, it’s freezing cold! Can you sit on it first to warm it up?

Me: Seriously?

Wife: Yes

Me: No way!

Wife: Pleeeeaaassse?!

To all you dads out there, I’m pleased to report that I stayed strong and stood my ground on this one #solidaritybrother. While I’m all for supporting my wife throughout this pregnancy, and have every sympathy (and the greatest respect) for what she’s going through, acting as her own personal loo seat warmer is just a step TOO far!

Saying that though, I did offer to fetch her the hairdryer…

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Giles is the author of London dad blog YOU THE DADDY, giving a guy’s perspective on pregnancy, babies and parenthood.

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