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I don’t believe in unicorns, ghosts or magic, but the signs that I’m living with a secret superhero are proving increasingly difficult to ignore. Now firmly into the third trimester of our first pregnancy, I’m convinced that my wife has super powers…

First up, in the same way that all good superheroes start out, she’s been busy hand-stitching her own super-unique superhero costume. After bidding on, buying and borrowing piles of maternity clothes, she’s spent hours personally tailoring every item to fit over her ever-growing bump. Seriously, there’s enough elastic and stretchy fabric in our flat to make even spandex-loving Spider-Man blush.

Then, just like my favourite Marvel superhero Batman, she’s managed to successfully cultivate her very own bat cave (otherwise known as our spare room / soon to be nursery). Filled with years’ worth of her ‘very important treasures’ and piled high with boxes and old furniture, only she knows how to access her secret lair safely.

To top it off, she’s now started adding swathes of weird and wonderful gadgets to her collection too, including an amber glowing Gro-egg, a funny looking bath thermometer and a truly terrifying breast pump. Bat Girl, eat your heart out.

Like every good superhero, she’s also taken to disappearing off on what can only be described as ‘secret missions’. Whether coming home late from work or popping out unexpectedly, she inevitably returns in a shroud of mystery with an armload of superhero swag (usually hidden innocently within John Lewis, Pure Baby and Mothercare shopping bags), which she secretly stashes somewhere deep in her bat cave. The plot thickens…

And then there’s her absolute fearlessness. Just like hammer-wielding superhero Thor, her adrenaline junkie spirit is in overdrive. Despite being heavily pregnant, she continues to tuck into forbidden foods like oysters and sushi, and recently braved the freezing cold and rough Cornish seas to get her surfing fix during our recent holiday. Quite literally, laughing in the face of danger…

She’s even adopted certain characteristics from the most temperamental of superheroes, The Hulk. Although I haven’t seen her turn green yet (apart from during the first trimester’s morning sickness phase), without doubt she’s started bulging out of her clothes. And it’s safe to say, with the inevitable pregnancy mood swings, you don’t want to make her angry…you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry…

Unfortunately, still no signs coming through of Superwoman’s super human strength…quite the opposite in fact; she leaves all the heavy lifting to me these days.

However that could be because her powers have been hindered by her own special strain of Kryptonite (otherwise known in our house as dust and my smelly socks). She doesn’t seem to mind too much though…even just mention the word ‘hoover’ to her and she gets immediately struck down by one of her ‘super human headaches’. Clearly that’s a job she’s happy to delegate to her ever-trusty sidekick YOU THE DADDY (AKA me)…

At the end of the day, you might not believe me when I say I’m married to a superhero. After all, my pregnant wife doesn’t have a super-villain arch nemesis wreaking havoc around the City of London. She doesn’t have a secret identity and, no, she doesn’t fight crime.

But she is doing something, arguably, even more incredible than all of that; she’s growing an actual human being inside her. And if that isn’t a sure fire sign of her superhero status, well, I don’t know what is.

My wife, ladies and gentlemen…but you can call her Wonder Woman.

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Giles is the author of London dad blog YOU THE DADDY, giving a guy’s perspective on pregnancy, babies and parenthood.

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