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“I need a lie in tomorrow”

Strange words from somebody who’s been getting up at 2.30pm ,I’m now deep in the summer holidays and the day’s merge together. Not sure when Rory uttered these immortal words,I’m starting to think he’ll burn in sunlight and worryingly refuses to have garlic in any of his food

Took Zack to trampoline park in Carlisle

“how long until we get there ?”
“30 mins”
“that’s like 10 days” (must be kid time)

He didn’t like it this time,no dodgeball !!!! he had filled a couple of balls with cement in preparation

Went to Alnmouth with my family to catch up with Auntie and cousins, “Rory shouted “shotgun” which means he sits in the front and goes to sleep for duration ,I had a gig the previous night so was knackered and had to amuse myself by asking him stupid questions and keeping him awake

“what would happen if you crossed a banana with a chicken?”

“if you grew another hand where would you put it?”

Beach was great ,tide stayed out for fear of Zack coming in too fast,we managed to bury him in the sand for a while but even with chains and gaffa tape he managed to escape.
Rory was busy being teen until I told him I would give him £5 if he could do 5 keepy ups and suddenly turned into Ronaldo

Not many photographs of Rory now ,refuses to have his photo taken unless it’s in low light,with his mates and holding a can of beer.

Been taking Zack on loads of days out,calculated I could’ve taken him on an all inclusive package for a month at The Savoy and it would be cheaper,took him to the pancake place,he got a piece of paper and crayons and was instructed to design a pancake….”poison pancake” was the outcome ,it was submitted but I fear it may go the same way as his “poo ice cream” suggestion at Drumuir.

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