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Friday October 13th will be my last day working for the company I’ve been with since 2003. I’ve been through a lot of change whilst working there.

I started as a new graduate, fresh out of university, ready to earn a wage. I never intended to stay with the company for so long, but I liked the work, the people and the organisation so I embraced the routine of working life.

I’ve grown up with the company, I started courting my wife there, spending weekdays making plans for weekends back in Yorkshire. We met through mutual uni friends while she was still studying. I left home while working there, moving in with my girlfriend who got a graduate job in my home county. I got married while working there, in fact I phoned my father-in-law to-be from our main meeting room to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. My children were born while working for this organisation. They’ve both been into my office and had cuddles from my colleagues. I took extended paternity leave for my daughter, spending the last 6 weeks with her before my wife went back to work.

And now I leave this organisation after 14 years to become a stay at home parent…

This is a document of my plans, thoughts and what I need to do and want to do:

Both reluctantly and excitedly I am ready for a change. I’m under no illusion that being the full time parent is going to be a breeze, but I’m ready.

Actually, I’m not ready.

Not how I want to be anyway.

I wrote the first draft of this in a notebook I bought not long after tendering my resignation (how often do you get to say that?!). A notebook I’m using to brainstorm activities and plans for how to occupy myself and two small children. I have until October 13th to get organised. I hope to be in a position where I’m prepared and full of energy and resources to entertain and enjoy my time with the little ones. I currently aiming to make this a loose project management experiment. If I can plan and execute well organised children’s activities, I will surely be in a good position to manage any commercial project!

I want to educate and round my children. I want them to enjoy our time together. I want them to be curious about our world, nature and how things work. I want them to watch Star Wars and bake cakes. I want to build towers with them and fall about laughing. I want them to run about in the rain.

But I’ve got to remember they will need down time, stories, cuddles, CBeebies, snacks, warm socks, clean socks and new socks(!)

All new or different challenges, I’m ready to get into…

My new bosses…

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Father of two, documenting my transition to stay at home parent in October 2017.

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