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Since Flo came along, looking after myself in a physical sense has taken a backseat, which might seem wrong, I know. I should probably aim to be fitter and healthier than ever before now that there is another human depending on me, but sorry, I’m not.

Before she was born things were different. I did the whole gym thing; three times a week and loved it. By choice, on some days I’d get there for 6am just to fit in a session before work. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been and will never be ‘built’. I’m less The Hulk and more Woody from Toy Story. In fact, Emily’s mum once referred to me as ‘Mr Puniverse’!

I look at that person now and think “you f*cking lunatic”, but I know that deep down this is fuelled by envy. I’m envious of the time, the energy and the lack of excuses that that person had, or at least used to create.

Nowadays, I’m tired. Something that I don’t always believe I have the right to bang-on about, because in comparison to what a lot of other parents battle with, Flo is a fantastic sleeper.

But, just one bad night and we feel like death the following day.

I feel as though I have no time, but on reflection, other that spending time with my family and friends, I mainly fill it with shit that could actually wait until later, and a quick session on the Total Crunch machine I insisted on buying isn’t going to scupper any of my tedious plans. I could easily use it and watch Netflix at the same time, only problem is, it’s just as easy to also have a beer.

Another of my downfalls; beer.

Emily and I challenged ourselves and succeeded in not having a takeaway for the whole of September and because we achieved this Emily then suggested that we take part in ‘Sober October’. This was met with a confused look from myself and “are you joking?”

The thought of not being able to have just one in the evenings or a couple at lunch with friends just doesn’t sit well with me.

And no, I don’t have a problem. I have a one-year-old.

Now these excuses and downfalls are taking their toll. I’ve gained more weight than ever in the past couple of months and I’ve have accepted it as the notorious ‘Dad bod’ – no ‘moobs’ yet though, so I’m only semi-professional. With our wedding next year, I’ve got one of the biggest incentives to not let things escalate any further.

But how?

We can’t afford expensive gym memberships and Magnums are constantly on offer in the Co-Op! I’ve got a FitBit – is that enough? And you won’t ever catch me wearing Lycra!

Maybe I’ll just buy a bigger suit…

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Daniel. Late 20's. GSOH. Non-Smoker. Coffee Drinker. Dad.

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