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Any delicious cake is made more outstanding and beautiful when topped with a scrumptious frosting. Frosting, Icing ,Glaze  these 3 terms are very important than our cake itself. They provide a final touch , a finishing polishing touch ,  swirl and stun the cake un the best possible manner.  They infact can even cover up some flaws or glitches in your cake.  As a layman, all must have thought that these three terms are almost one or the same thing. There’s a very major difference in all three of them . So today we are here to enlighten and aware you with some noteworthy differences between them.


Frosting as said in our previous blogs is an indispensable thing when it comes to readying your cake. All thanks to frosting that we get love struck at the very first sight of our beautiful cake. They adorn and enhance the cake in its own magical way.

Talking scientifically Frosting is basically a thick and opaque mixture that is primarily put in use for topping and enveloping the outside sides of cakes.  Frosting is thicker and imparts a very fluffy appeal to your cake.  Also frosting has a cream base and it is combined with butter and  our tongue sense that strong buttery taste.  Also order this cake online shop in Pune.

Just like every other human, frosting too has a nickname called butter cream.

Due to its thicker consistency and its ability of holding shapes , it is brilliantly employed to create some decorative and ornamental things like those fresh, neatly done flowers to adorn your pastry.

There are an array of frosting including whipped cream frosting, butter cream frosting , chocolate frosting and many other types of frosting

  1. ICING

It is another topping that is generally used while baking a cake. Contrary to frosting, it is thinner than frosting but thicker than glaze. Also  icing has a sugary base while its fellow mate frosting has a creamy base. It resembles Frosting physically and begins as a thick,creany liquid but hardens as it dries thus making the process of applying and serving easier.  Unlike frosting which is usually laid over the cake icing is usually spooned or poured over the cakes.

  1. GLAZE

It is a mixture of sugar and liquid such as milk, lemon ,juice or water and has almost the consistency like that of a thin corn syrup. It is the thinnest and glossiest of all the three and is often translucent .   Unlike Icing, it doesn’t harden and is used to coat and paint cakes, cupcakes and chunks of cakes which are to be used fot tea cakes in petits fours. Moreover, they can be flavored in all sorts of way from pomegranate to chocolate and beyond. Get this birthday cake shop in Gurgaon.


  • Icing was first invented in 1768 by Elizabeth Raffald.
  • Frosting on the other hand was initially originated and devised in 1915 by Mrs. Fred W. Gurney.

Unarguable to say all these three toppings give a cake a new dimension and shape. They impart a glossy finish , a contrasting texture thus turning the cake into a masterpiece. But don’t get fooled and confused between these. Each one has its own qualities and virtues and all of them will delight and capture your sweet tooth!

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