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Ever wondered how you can improve the quality of the time spent with your children?

My wife once went away for 4 days and left me to look after my daughters. I was already hands on as a dad and was looking forward to having them on my own. I was also MD of a financial services group and regularly checking emails etc or taking calls.

The first 48 hours of daddy day care was far more demanding than I thought. I’m sad to say that after a long day 2 it culminated in my eldest daughter ‘pushing my buttons’ and I got cross with her. I was putting her to bed and saw fear in her eyes as I lost my temper and raised my voice.

I left the room and went downstairs contemplating what had just happened, feeling utterly ashamed that the stress of work had put me in a position where I had reacted in such a negative way and scared her.

I vowed that evening that I would never let that happen again. The following morning I apologised to her and focused on the remaining 48hours being fun.

This got me thinking about the quality of time we spend with our children. As busy parents it is unrealistic to think we will ever have as much time or energy as we or they would like. We have to therefore be smart.

Shortly after I completed a Post Graduate Masters in coaching and discovered that what I was learning could be applied to children. I explained this to my wife and we starting to use it at home. Immediately we saw massive change with huge upside for our daughters development and our relationship with them.

As a result I approached one of the UK’ most highly respected coaches and psychologist with 40yrs experience, to design a coaching program for parents.

We recently spent a day delivering the course to staff at an American bank and the feedback was great.

One parent reported that getting ready for school in the morning was far less stressful and another said they were simply enjoying the time with their kids more because of what they had learnt.

As we only seem to get busier it seems sensible that we develop better ways to communicate and interact with the most precious people in our lives to enhance their learning and development.

If anyone is interested in finding out more please get in touch.

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A father of 2 young girls and master of none! After 17 years in financial services I decided, at the time of becoming a dad, to retrain as an Executive & Personal Coach, in order to follow my passion and set an example to the two most important people in my life. As men face more challenges then ever before, I have started to specialise in helping organisations and individuals learn to overcome these through coaching. I love seeing the change this makes to performance and on a more personal note I never tire of getting feedback from wives and children saying thanks for helping their dad.

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