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I haven’t been to a festival since Snoop Doggy Dogg (is he still called that?) headlined Glastonbury back in 2010. Since then I’ve have had two daughters and got married, so my focus has been less on gangster rap and more on nappies and getting babies to nap. Hey that rhymes, maybe I should have focused more on gangster rap after all?

Anyway, this year we decided to give the girls their first taste of festival life at Camp Bestival.

Sienna is 4-years-old and Aria is 18 months. Sienna couldn’t believe it when I told her that there would be pop stars on stage singing to people in a field – mind blown! She planned her outfits and packed all of her accessories in her backpack and was ready to go. She was mostly excited about being able to wear wellies with a party dress… (me too! #twinning)

So, on Sunday we packed up the car and headed to Lulworth Castle in Dorset for the festival. The weather forecast looked ok and it actually turned out to be rather nice. However, the mud! It really caught us by surprise. Friday and Saturday’s wet weather had turned 90% of the site to a sloppy mess!

Things have changed from my Glasto days; drinking cider and dancing in the mud’s great when you’re only vaguely responsible for yourself, but when you have 2 hyped-up kids to look after, it’s a different ball game. No problem though we thought as it’s all part of the family festival fun!

Our youngest had to try and wade through the mud herself as we couldn’t use our normal pushchair (for fear of it getting stuck), whilst we carried all the bags, coats and other toddler paraphernalia that they seem to come loaded with. The trick we missed was the mini wagons/trailer/trolley type vehicle we saw almost every other family using, gliding through the mud with their kids and bags like Robbie Williams ice skating in the video for ‘She’s The One’. I had serious dad envy as I scooped Aria up from the mud for probably the 7000th time that day!

Camp Bestival was super kid and family friendly; at almost every turn there were rides, activities, crafts, entertainers or ice cream vans and so much more to keep the fun flowing. They had the world’s biggest disco ball and bouncy castle there too – that’s actual toddler life goals right there! The girls loved every second of dancing around in the big top to Louisa Johnson and rocking out to the Lightning Seeds on the main castle stage whilst eating hot dogs.

The great thing about Camp Bestival is that most people there are families so are most likely to be in a similar situation to you. It helps you relax and enjoy yourself more knowing and hoping that there would be less judgement and more understanding of each other.

We’ll be back in 2018 for sure!

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