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We decided that we would go with the surprise option on whether we would find out the gender of Mini or not. So here I pose the question, will it be a ‘Girl Mini’ or a ‘Boy Mini’ and the responses we get to that question.

For me not finding out the gender was always going to be the way I wanted to go and luckily Mrs R felt the same so here we are, a week away from their arrival with a lot of neutral stuff around the gaff.

Having gone through the pram buying, nursery decorating and babygro shopping (come on retailers – can we have something other than blue and pink!) I can really see how knowing would help on a practical level. However the feeling of finding out ‘at the time’ will surely gazump any practicalities?

Gender, like names is always a hot topic when discussing the birth with other parents, friends and family. Everybody has a ‘feeling’ or they know from the way the bump looks… or they do some witchcraft like hanging a wedding ring over the bump to see which way it twirls… all 100% accurate and believable… *cough* *cough*

It also brings up the question of preference…. as a chap it seems people think we are programmed to want boys. Do you know if it is a boy? Surely you want a boy? You know he might play for England one day? Here at BonjourMini we are extremely grateful to be having children at all so gender is an exciting surprise and we have no natural find preference; plus based on recent events, Steph Houghton and her crew are doing a whole lot better than Wayne’s mob, so girls can play for England too you know!

It got me thinking, why are there still these expectations around gender? Surely in today’s society that should be a thing of the past? Surely gender equality starts with the parents?

The most important take away from this for me is that girls and boys can do and more importantly should do whatever they choose.

Girl Mini or Boy Mini I will be delighted!

What is your experience of the gender question/reveal? Do people assume the Mum’s want girls in the same way they assume we want boys?

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