A 31yr old Dad to Albert, marrying his awesome mummy in June this year, at the beautiful Gant’s Mill in Bruton. I’m a fulltime working Dad, a Project Manager in the construction industry with a Degree in Engineering. Who hasn’t done any creative writing, other than some poetic licence in a few work emails, since my GCSE’s (I got an B in English Booyah!). My Partner Rae runs her own catering business which means she often works Weekends and I’m left to apply my own style of parenting on the small whirlwind of energy that is the little man. Our frequent DADventures are regularly documented on Instagram and going forward I’ll try to include the fun and chaos of those experiences in my Blog. Being a Dad to Alby has been a hell of a ride, from dealing with dirty nappies and the total exhaustion of the first few months but the most incredible cuddles. Now its more chasing him around various locations with the occasional bout of head wrestling (his favourite form of battle) and many hangry toddler tantrums to boot. I hope to bring some fun and laughter in sharing my experiences and can maybe help others in their own journeys.