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Let me tell you a little bit about myself first… I’m a youngish dad of two. There’s Indiana (almost 4) and Parker (2), aka Little Cub. Oh, and we also have a little girl due in January. Now, before I had kids I was always pretty chilled out and never really had to have a plan for anything.

Since having my crazy little monkeys I constantly overthink everything. I will spend most of time going over the same plan in my head and needing to know exactly where and what we are doing. I know, over prepared right? I then repeat these plans and ideas repeatedly throughout the day to my poor wife.

Then when our family day out (usually a National Trust site or somewhere the Little Cub can run free and jump in puddles) is over, I’ll then think about my week ahead: work, what we’re having for dinner and how it could all go wrong. I think about all the things I feel I need to do, but I don’t actually NEED to do any of them.

I’ve basically been wanting to blog for a while now, as I see so many inspirational dads doing it. However, I never know what to write about, so I thought why not just write all this down and see if it’s just me, or are other like this? I’m also hoping that once I’ve done this once, I’ll do it more about things that are actually interesting and not just my crazy brain. The thing is, as I write this I’m doing it in Word to make sure it’s spelt correctly, as I’m dyslexic which is such a hard word to spell in itself. It makes me anxious; will anyone actually read it, what will they think and do they think I’m just being self-indulgent?

The thing I’d love to know is, if you feel like this what do you do to switch off and how do you stop it impacting your days with your kids. I like to think since changing jobs I’m more chilled out, but to get the real answer you’d have to ask my wife. Other ways that I feel help clear my head, are going to the gym and getting out for a run – but I haven’t done either for a while. I feel like it is making me worse as I need to get out and just do it.

So all in all, am I just over-thinking everything and it’s quite normal, or is it a little bit more? Anyway let me know what you thought and what else I could write about that you might find interesting.



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Im a father of two my daughter is called Indiana(3)and my son is called Parker(2). We also have another little girl on the way. We have a YouTube channel and I love photography 🤓

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