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8 Months In

- 8th Jun 18


Coming up roses? It’s now 8 months since retiri… resigning from my job to become a stay-at-home parent. I thought it’s time for a bit of a review…

How’s it going?

Well. I enjoy it. I can’t necessarily put into words why but it feels right. I’m doing things that are directly for my family, sometimes directly into their mouths!
I said a few things in my first post so I’m looking back at what I said.
Well, I’m using the notebook. We are doing different activities. I’m trying to educate them where I can, though OK Google is stepping up on a fair few occasions! But that’s good. My daughter is asking questions about the world and is interested in the answers.

We’ve not watched Star Wars yet, possibly not going to happen soon given there was some anxiety at an Octonauts episode today (that we’ve definitely seen many times before!).
We have baked cakes. Boy have we baked cakes. We can knock out a Vicky Sponge with our eyes closed! There would have been a lot more cakes if the baking requests I’d received mid-dinner prep had been acted on (4.30pm is no time to start to bake with a 3 year-old!). It’s hard not to take-over and do all the mixing, but I’m slowly relinquishing my “no, I’ll do it!” to the ether.

Building towers has been accomplished and rain has been run in!

So for the ‘targets’ I set I’m doing OK.

Team Webb

I love being able to see them for long periods each and every day. I’m seeing them develop. Watching them just do stuff is fascinating.
I’m doing things with them. Possibly not as varied as I’d expected when we set out to do this but we are out there. It is a bit easier in the better weather to just get outside.

The days can be short, and they can be very long. Children have emotions, big ones. Dealing with these can be draining and I certainly do appreciate my better half coming home on some of the more emotional  days.

I’ll say one thing for working in my old office. Never once did I spend time making precisely the delicious snack or meal requested, only to find out upon delicately presenting said food with great fanfare that in fact they wanted scrambled eggs.

Though I do love being in control of the meals. I prefer cooking to being cooked for. Meal planning can be tricky as there is an element of fuss. We’ve invented Try It Tuesday to make new foods less stressful.
There are constant surprises. The boy is going through a period of learning naps. Really long naps and good sleep where he practically wakes up with upgraded software. It’s amazing to see.

I’d been in my job for 14 years. Change is good. I loved being in the office but I don’t miss the job.

What have I learned :

Mood swings are big. And strong markers of something.

Make snacks.

Meal planning is hard.
Don’t rely on kids loving a meal.

There is an infinite amount of eggs that some children can eat.

Trying new stuff is hard.

If in doubt, paint.

You will need cake making supplies. Going to the shops? Get more eggs, butter and flour. And bread.

Kids have signals for tired, hungry, thirsty. Learn patterns or get good analytical backup!

Even if I went back to work tomorrow I will always have taken that time. The kids will always know I’ve got their back.
I’m pleased that I’ve done this and proud that I’ve done this.
I hope more dads do.

It’s sports day next week for my daughter’s pre-school class. Should I be wearing my trainers for the parents’ race?

Is that still a thing?

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Father of two, documenting my transition to stay at home parent in October 2017.

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