Dad: The Forgotten Parent

Aaron Sylvester - 17th Jun 16

Now let’s talk about our Daddy issues, come on we all have at least one. Better still lets talk about fatherhood, because after this weekend and if the media has its way the man who helped bring you into this world will no doubt...

Executive Coaching For Men

James Rees - 27th Mar 17

Over the past few years I have come across an increasing number of male clients that I coach that are amazed when I share with them that they are not alone in some of the issues they are coping with; Masculinity – this is...
The Unfit Dad_The Unfit Parent_Dog on couch with twin boys

How to train your dog for your baby’s arrival

The Unfit Dad - 15th Apr 17

How to train your dog for your baby’s arrival “Sit, stay, come, heel, roll over” are just a few of the commands you often hear owners barking (bad pun) to their dogs. One command you don’t often hear is “Don’t jump on the baby”....

Life Goals….

Mallen - 17th Jun 16

  Never really having any life goals in my head or written down wasn’t something that particularly bothered me. Just rode the waves of life, having fun, working, doing what most people do. Turns out in April 2016, the life goal I never knew...

My son has no chill

Phil Pratt - 17th Jun 16

My son recently hit a new developmental milestone, the toddler tantrum. The reasons for them are imaginative and unpredictable. Here are some of his finest: The ice lolly is cold; He dipped his breadstick in hummus and now the breadstick is ruined; He heard...

Tale Of An Overconfident Dad

Robert Douglas - 11th Dec 17

When I first thought about having kids I was really over confident about it. I thought about lazy Saturdays, sleeping baby in my arms on the sofa and watching movies for hours. I thought about leisurely walks with the stroller and feeding the ducks...

The Day I Hid in A Bin

Bad Dadu - 20th Aug 16

Things came to a minor head with my three-year-old son earlier this week. He was sat on the bathroom toilet as I got home from work and poked my head through the door. He told me to leave and get in the bin. I asked...

Toddlers On A Train

Dads and Don'ts - 11th Aug 17

This picture may show me sitting down, which you could think is relaxing, but was taken on the commuter train, 25 minutes into a half hour journey, and this journey was no ordinary train home from nursery either. Oh no, it was a train...

Where It All Began

Andy Dixon - 10th Jan 18

This is where it all began. I took this picture on the day my beautiful girlfriend (now fiancée) brought this little frightening ball of screams and poop into the world. Georgie (fiancée) had what seemed to be the most awesome pregnancy… to a point....

(Wo)Man Down

Matthew Hall - 18th Apr 17

A couple of weeks ago my wife hurt her back and I found myself looking after our 2 beautiful boys as well as an...

Bros Before Doze (actually, maybe not)

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 19th May 16

Picture the scene; about five years ago, in a trendy old man’s boozer in Farringdon. I’m standing surrounded by a bunch of lifelong friends,...


Slightly Damp January

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 12th Jan 18

I’m doing Dry January and I’m struggling. There, I said it. Am I an...

Make plans, not Plans

Garry - 11th Jan 18

Routines. Plans. Structure. All kids need them, to varying degrees. I’ve found now, that...

Where It All Began

Andy Dixon - 10th Jan 18

This is where it all began. I took this picture on the day my...


Head of Human Development

Joe Winton - 19th Jun 17

Housewife… Really? I was filling out a form the other day for my family...

Would We Do it Again?

Unlikely Dad - 16th Mar 17

It’s the question I am sure every new parent is asked (usually within 2...

The decimation of never

Bradley Gerrard - 27th Oct 16

Before we had our daughter we really wondered what all the fuss was about...


#Daddingit Christmas Style

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 14th Dec 17

Dads at Christmas come into their element, don’t they? It’s a time of year...

Camp BESTival

Warren Conway - 4th Aug 17

I haven’t been to a festival since Snoop Doggy Dogg (is he still called...

Medicine Means Medicine

Daddy Uncool - 12th Jul 17

Recently, poor Blondie suffered from a horrible abscess (obviously all abscesses are horrible). I...


Daddy Uncool - 15th Nov 16

Just before Halloween, Blondie was “in the zone”, pretending to be a witch and...

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