Tom Mangan - 24th May 16

My two dudes are little legends, I love them, but being a father to them is not without it’s challenges. I like a list, simple condensed info – do this, don’t do that. And I’ve formed a few mental lists of my own while looking after...

It’s Got To Be-e-e-e-e, Perfect.

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 24th Aug 17

You don’t have to go far on Instagram (other social networks are available) at this time of year to find families exhibiting their perfect holidays with their perfectly behaved children. We’re all guilty, aren’t we? I certainly am, and shamelessly filter out tantrums, the...

A Few of Our Favourite Things

Adam McNulty - 23rd Sep 17

Amongst the sheer mass of baby-related products we’ve bought, and the millions of pounds we’ve spent in the past two years, there are a few little diamonds that stand out amongst the bigger purchases as particularly great buys. So I thought, I’d share a...

A Good Man

Paul Webster - 19th Nov 17

A poem to mark International Men’s Day (19th November);   What are the qualities that make a man ‘good’?; Is it to act in a way that he should? Movies tell us that good men are strong; To be sexy and edgy is where they...

Is It Good to Talk?

Daddy Uncool - 4th Sep 17

It goes without saying that no two children are the same, but the difference in language skills between Blondie and Red is striking. Red is now two and a half, and only uses basic words and points to get by. At the same age,...

My Dad’s Murder Didn’t Break Me

Mark Lemon - 21st Jul 17

On Tuesday 12 May 1992, my father was murdered and my world changed forever. At 3pm, a teacher came to my classroom to tell me my mother had requested that I go home urgently. I will never forget that heart-sinking feeling at the thought...

It’s Time To Celebrate The Modern Dad

Anniki Somerville - 1st Jul 16

There are several tried and tested stereotypes when it comes to what constitutes modern motherhood in the UK. But at the same time depictions...

It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

Shaun Hurr - 11th Oct 17

Many of my friends will know that it’s been a tough year; from seeing my newborn head to NICU and my wife rushed off...


Slightly Damp January

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 12th Jan 18

I’m doing Dry January and I’m struggling. There, I said it. Am I an...

Make plans, not Plans

Garry - 11th Jan 18

Routines. Plans. Structure. All kids need them, to varying degrees. I’ve found now, that...

Where It All Began

Andy Dixon - 10th Jan 18

This is where it all began. I took this picture on the day my...


Head of Human Development

Joe Winton - 19th Jun 17

Housewife… Really? I was filling out a form the other day for my family...

Would We Do it Again?

Unlikely Dad - 16th Mar 17

It’s the question I am sure every new parent is asked (usually within 2...

The decimation of never

Bradley Gerrard - 27th Oct 16

Before we had our daughter we really wondered what all the fuss was about...


#Daddingit Christmas Style

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 14th Dec 17

Dads at Christmas come into their element, don’t they? It’s a time of year...

Camp BESTival

Warren Conway - 4th Aug 17

I haven’t been to a festival since Snoop Doggy Dogg (is he still called...

Medicine Means Medicine

Daddy Uncool - 12th Jul 17

Recently, poor Blondie suffered from a horrible abscess (obviously all abscesses are horrible). I...


Daddy Uncool - 15th Nov 16

Just before Halloween, Blondie was “in the zone”, pretending to be a witch and...

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