Tale Of An Overconfident Dad

Robert Douglas - 11th Dec 17

When I first thought about having kids I was really over confident about it. I thought about lazy Saturdays, sleeping baby in my arms on the sofa and watching movies for hours. I thought about leisurely walks with the stroller and feeding the ducks...

The Return To Work: After Loss & After Paternity

Pete Goodchild - 12th Feb 18

I’ve just lost my daughter but I have to go back to work. I’ve just spent the last few weeks bonding with my son but I have to go back to work. It’s been just over a year since I started to return to...

Two Years On And I’ve Learned Lots

fatherofmimi - 18th Mar 18

“Mate… Annabelle’s pregnant”. “No?!!!?” “Yes mate.” The above conversation broke the silence between classrooms one Monday morning at work, as I told the other Year Four teacher the news. Picking his jaw up off the floor, my colleague dashed in. I then explained when...

Your willy is not a toy…a poem for parents with little boys

Giles (AKA YOU THE DADDY) - 17th Aug 17

As every parent with sons will know, there comes a time in every little boy’s life when, out of nowhere, he suddenly discovers his todger…and dutifully become completely obsessed with it (a bond which, as we all know, only grows stronger as the years...

Those Pesky Jabs Again!

Pete Goodchild - 18th Feb 18

So there are certain things as a parent that you have to do that you aren’t going to like. There are certain moments that are going to make your little happy bundle of joy cry and that is going to be a shitty parenting...

That Kid Changes So Quickly Doesn’t She?!

Andy Dixon - 20th Jan 18

My little one certainly seems to be growing up. I had to write about this because we (me and Georgie) have been getting all broody and looking at pictures of Willow when she was just a diddy dumpling. I won’t lie, I’d go back...

Open Letter to Baby Number Two

Adam Runnalls - 6th Oct 17

Dear Number Two, Hey, I’m Daddy. You can call me Dadda, even da… we’ll work up to Daddy. Think of me as half of the Production Crew. Whilst we haven’t been formally introduced yet, we’ve seen a few blurry pictures of you and you’ve...

Five Daddy Day Out Survival Tips: Who Prepares Wins

Candid Daddy - 13th Jan 18

There will be days when dads all over the world will be responsible for young children all on their own. You might be a...

It’s Time To Celebrate The Modern Dad

Anniki Somerville - 1st Jul 16

There are several tried and tested stereotypes when it comes to what constitutes modern motherhood in the UK. But at the same time depictions...


Elie Holiday 2018

David Bass - 17th Apr 18

My sister foolishly let the boys and me crash her holiday for a couple...

The Real Daddy Hew

Daddy Hew - 13th Apr 18

I hadn’t intended on sharing this here but I had such a positive response...

Soft Play Survival

Adam McNulty (dad for it) - 12th Apr 18

The first rule of Soft Play is… You don’t go to soft play when...


Flex it up

Matt Papa Pukka - 10th Mar 17

Here’s Matt Farquharson’s (@papa_pukka) guide to swatting away resistance to flexible working ‘If we...


Thegratefuldad - 25th Jul 16

Monday. In days gone by, Monday mornings were a thing of terror. The joy...


Let Him Be

lifeofdaddy - 17th Feb 18

I like to think that I’m a fairly chilled out dad. My wife and...

All Things Breastfeeding

S.S Locke - 12th Feb 17

Do you want to know a secret? Come on in close now. Ready? Women…...

Guys and Dolls

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 10th Dec 16

My son Arlo has just turned one. How the hell did that happen? Time...


Thegratefuldad - 8th Dec 16

Guess who’s back?!! After a break of a few months, we appear to have...

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