1,000 miles in a car with my wife and 4 kids

Simon Hooper - 31st Aug 16

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I bundled the family into the car and went on holiday – we were off to the lovely little French Island of Ile De Re. We booked it in back December, before all the Parisians started...

A Good Man

Paul Webster - 19th Nov 17

A poem to mark International Men’s Day (19th November);   What are the qualities that make a man ‘good’?; Is it to act in a way that he should? Movies tell us that good men are strong; To be sexy and edgy is where they...

Baby Travel: Tips & Tales – Skiing

fatherofmimi - 17th Jan 18

Despite my early fears of being limited when with a child, we’ve actually travelled quite a lot with Emilia (who is now 13 months). In the short time she’s been with us, we have been on four flights and have racked up several thousand...

Do I Want to be A Hipster Dad?

David Coppi - 25th Aug 16

As a new dad, I desperately want to be cool in my daughter’s eyes. Sure, she’s only nine months old but there will come a time when she’ll work out what sort of dad I am. At the moment I’m the skinny jeans, faded...

My Dad’s Murder Didn’t Break Me

Mark Lemon - 21st Jul 17

On Tuesday 12 May 1992, my father was murdered and my world changed forever. At 3pm, a teacher came to my classroom to tell me my mother had requested that I go home urgently. I will never forget that heart-sinking feeling at the thought...

Tale Of An Overconfident Dad

Robert Douglas - 11th Dec 17

When I first thought about having kids I was really over confident about it. I thought about lazy Saturdays, sleeping baby in my arms on the sofa and watching movies for hours. I thought about leisurely walks with the stroller and feeding the ducks...

The Questions You Should Never Ask a Gay Dad

Unlikely Dad - 22nd Dec 16

I know being a gay, single or adoptive dad might not be the 2.4 that many people are used to. And that’s fine, but we are in 2016… yet we still get the most random questions thrown at us at times. Don’t get me...

Six Dads Walk Into a Bar…

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 30th Sep 17

Because of Instagram’s annoying algorithm, some poor bugger might have ended up with this photo filling their feed six times over a few weekends...

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Bin

Adam Parkhouse - 27th Oct 17

To put this into context, I’ve started my own blog on my life as a parent, with a real effort to focus on the...


Parenting Spidey Sense

Pete Goodchild - 22nd Feb 18

When you know something is up with your child, you just know. You get...

Those Pesky Jabs Again!

Pete Goodchild - 18th Feb 18

So there are certain things as a parent that you have to do that...

Let Him Be

lifeofdaddy - 17th Feb 18

I like to think that I’m a fairly chilled out dad. My wife and...

Half Term Ramblings

Shaun Hurr - 16th Feb 18

How was half term for everybody? The week started with Mrs H suffering, as...


Am I Invisible?

Shaun Hurr - 28th Jun 16

It’s getting near to dinner time and my youngest child has just fallen over,...

All-too-absent Father

Steve Gray - 18th Jun 16

  19 is a great age to make a career choice!  You’re young, fearless...


Quick Fire Friday

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 15th Dec 17

Quick Fire Friday over on The FMLY Man Instagram feed was an opportunity to...

Camp BESTival

Warren Conway - 4th Aug 17

I haven’t been to a festival since Snoop Doggy Dogg (is he still called...

Medicine Means Medicine

Daddy Uncool - 12th Jul 17

Recently, poor Blondie suffered from a horrible abscess (obviously all abscesses are horrible). I...


Daddy Uncool - 15th Nov 16

Just before Halloween, Blondie was “in the zone”, pretending to be a witch and...

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