A letter to my pre-child self

Simon Hooper - 22nd Jul 16

Hey, how’s it going? So you’re having a baby. Congratulations! I know what you’re thinking (after all I’m you!) – You’ve got a load of questions buzzing around in that head of yours and you can’t quite deal with them and that’s totally understandable....

Dad: The Forgotten Parent

Aaron Sylvester - 17th Jun 16

Now let’s talk about our Daddy issues, come on we all have at least one. Better still lets talk about fatherhood, because after this weekend and if the media has its way the man who helped bring you into this world will no doubt...

Coffee – Dad Rhymes

Mark Lemon - 26th Aug 17

Growing Into It

Shaun Hurr - 17th Jun 16

13 1/2 years ago our first child came into the world.  Prepared, no, although we thought we were!  We arrived home to constant crying and I remember telephoning the hospital to ask whether it was safe for him to sleep with a dummy in...

Life Goals….

Mallen - 17th Jun 16

  Never really having any life goals in my head or written down wasn’t something that particularly bothered me. Just rode the waves of life, having fun, working, doing what most people do. Turns out in April 2016, the life goal I never knew...

Nappy Negotiation

Adam McNulty - 31st Jul 17

At the age of 31 I changed my first nappy. To be clear, this was my son’s nappy, not mine. To be even clearer, I don’t wear a nappy. Now we have cleared that up, allow me to share a few useful tips that...


Thegratefuldad - 1st Aug 16

Please excuse the Monday profanity. After a splendid weekend, M and I are sitting eating breakfast. Well, I am typing on the computer and M is transfixed by Teletubbies. Breakfast is almost always the most successful meal of the day, served in four courses...

My son is cooler than me

Jack Lemon - 17th Jun 16

It’s weird. I’ve got 2 kids now, 6 months and 2 and a quarter, yet the past couple of years has gone so quickly...

The S Word

Candid Daddy - 21st Jun 17

This blog is about the ‘S’ word, or to be more accurate, I guess it’s the ‘V’ word. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t...


Daddy’s Baby Blues

James Brett - 16 hours ago

“You alright today love?” “Yeah, I’m ok. I’m just sad today…” For three days...

About a Girl and a Boy..

Dads and Don'ts - 19th Sep 17

This section of ‘The Parenting Insights That No One Actually Asked For’ is more...

Dad’s Singing Again

Joe Winton - 15th Sep 17

I am a loud human. I can’t sneak up on anyone, I’m rubbish at...


Head of Human Development

Joe Winton - 19th Jun 17

Housewife… Really? I was filling out a form the other day for my family...

Would We Do it Again?

Unlikely Dad - 16th Mar 17

It’s the question I am sure every new parent is asked (usually within 2...

The decimation of never

Bradley Gerrard - 27th Oct 16

Before we had our daughter we really wondered what all the fuss was about...


Flex it up

Matt Papa Pukka - 10th Mar 17

Here’s Matt Farquharson’s (@papa_pukka) guide to swatting away resistance to flexible working ‘If we...


Thegratefuldad - 25th Jul 16

Monday. In days gone by, Monday mornings were a thing of terror. The joy...

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