A Good Man

Paul Webster - 19th Nov 17

A poem to mark International Men’s Day (19th November);   What are the qualities that make a man ‘good’?; Is it to act in a way that he should? Movies tell us that good men are strong; To be sexy and edgy is where they...

Baby Talk: Is GooGoo GaGa a big fat NO NO?

Giles (AKA YOU THE DADDY) - 8th Aug 16

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, it’s highly likely that you’ll know the following two things about me. Firstly that I’m the proud uncle to twelve adorable nephews and nieces. And second, that I’m a complete stickler when it comes to punctuation and grammar....

Don’t Stop Moving!

James Fairfield - 16th Mar 18

Five things I never Googled until I became a parent

Candid Daddy - 5th Apr 17

These are five things that I have genuinely Googled since being a parent, which probably says more about me than parents generally… 1.  “What do you call your child’s penis / vagina?”  You don’t tend to Google “penis” or “vagina” in any context before...

How to successfully NEVER become an expert at parenting

Kevin Rozario-Johnson - 21st Jul 16

You’ve all been there; your child is in floods of tears because the carrots on his plate are too juicy. Or your daughter is completely delirious and in a rage because you said goodnight to her brother first. Or with heavy eyes you’re woken...

Musical Youth

Daddy Uncool - 2nd Mar 17

Music is very, very important to me. I’m a music snob, and proud of it, and although I have no huge ambitions I want my daughters to fulfill, other than to be very happy, I’ve always hoped my love of music will carry on...

The Return To Work: After Loss & After Paternity

Pete Goodchild - 12th Feb 18

I’ve just lost my daughter but I have to go back to work. I’ve just spent the last few weeks bonding with my son but I have to go back to work. It’s been just over a year since I started to return to...

Dad’s Singing Again

Joe Winton - 15th Sep 17

I am a loud human. I can’t sneak up on anyone, I’m rubbish at hide ‘n’ seek (unless playing with five-year-olds, obviously). In a...

Is Your TV Broken?

Nick White - 11th Sep 17

Having children is similar to Premier League football, in that every man and his dog has an opinion whether you want to hear it...


Two Years On And I’ve Learned Lots

fatherofmimi - 18th Mar 18

“Mate… Annabelle’s pregnant”. “No?!!!?” “Yes mate.” The above conversation broke the silence between classrooms...


Am I Invisible?

Shaun Hurr - 28th Jun 16

It’s getting near to dinner time and my youngest child has just fallen over,...

All Too Absent Father

Steve Gray - 18th Jun 16

19 is a great age to make a career choice!  You’re young, fearless and...


Quick Fire Friday

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 15th Dec 17

Quick Fire Friday over on The FMLY Man Instagram feed was an opportunity to...

Camp BESTival

Warren Conway - 4th Aug 17

I haven’t been to a festival since Snoop Doggy Dogg (is he still called...

Medicine Means Medicine

Daddy Uncool - 12th Jul 17

Recently, poor Blondie suffered from a horrible abscess (obviously all abscesses are horrible). I...


Daddy Uncool - 15th Nov 16

Just before Halloween, Blondie was “in the zone”, pretending to be a witch and...

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