Depression and me

Daddy Hew - 6th Feb 19

I’m a great advocate of its ‘Ok to be Ok’. As long as you actually are OK. Not just pretending to be OK to the outside world. I’ve spent months ‘being OK’ but in actual fact I haven’t been. It’s OK to be OK...

Home To An Empty House

Pete Goodchild - 19th Nov 18

Taking your baby home is one of the best days after they are born. Even more so if you’ve suffered the loss of a baby before. After Poppy died we had to walk out of the hospital with no baby in our arms. Fast...

Feeding a baby

Daddy Hew - 1st Nov 18

When Henry was born I tried, as much as I possibly could, not to talk or post about how he was fed – it’s Henry’s business and no one else’s right?! I actually found it quite difficult not to mention his feeds, I mean...

A Day In The Life Of Our Unborn Baby

Simon - The Daddy Voyage - 11th Feb 18

5:36am Ah that was a good sleep. Wow – it’s 5:36am. I’ve had a massive lie-in! I could do with a stretch now though. I wonder if my mam has filled up my bouncy castle with wee? Yes she has! Brilliant! 5:38am She’s ruined...

Baby on a Plane

Ben Wiffen - 25th Jun 16

As a younger man, I vowed never to take any future children on a plane. My wife and I lived in Amsterdam for three years before coming back to start a family and we flew often for weekend getaways or to see family in...

Medicine Means Medicine

Daddy Uncool - 12th Jul 17

Recently, poor Blondie suffered from a horrible abscess (obviously all abscesses are horrible). I still remember the pain I suffered as a young boy; crying and screaming for hours on end until an emergency dentist could visit. Blondie’s was especially horrible because it appeared...

InstaDad – With a Black Filter

Robert Douglas - 21st Nov 17

Ok, this is a serious post. It’s not that deep, but I have been moved to write and post it. I’ll resume jokes and banter very shortly. A few people have asked me why I am a so called ‘InstaDad’. There’s some that of...

Father’s day: What I really want…..

Simon Hooper - 18th Jun 16

Once again Father’s day is rapidly approaching and mums and children are scrambling to pull together ideas on what to get the man in their lives. This can be a difficult proposition. I can’t speak for all men but I know that I’m not...

Dad’s Singing Again

Joe Winton - 15th Sep 17

I am a loud human. I can’t sneak up on anyone, I’m rubbish at hide ‘n’ seek (unless playing with five-year-olds, obviously). In a zombie horror scene I’d be the one who sneezes as we cower nervously in the shadows, while hoards of un-dead...

Six Dads Walk Into a Bar…

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 30th Sep 17

Because of Instagram’s annoying algorithm, some poor bugger might have ended up with this photo filling their feed six times over a few weekends ago. Six dads sitting in a London beer garden. Despite appearances, this was not a meet-up of long lost friends....

6 thoughts from 6 months

Adam Parkhouse - 20th Jan 17

Six months (185 days) in. This time 6 months ago, I was sat next to Lucy on the maternity ward, having spent the previous...

Lost Little Lamb to Proud Lion

Shaun Hurr - 23rd Oct 17

When I look back at the 26-year-old lost little lamb version of myself I cannot believe: a. I was so naive and unprepared b....


Babymoon = Space to plan

Leo J-E - 27th Apr 19

Leo J-E blogs at Babymoon = Space to Plan This seems as good a...

Pete Goodchild - 28th Mar 19

With Mothers Day fast approaching it has got me thinking back to a year...


Flex it up

Matt Papa Pukka - 10th Mar 17

Here’s Matt Farquharson’s (@papa_pukka) guide to swatting away resistance to flexible working ‘If we...


Thegratefuldad - 25th Jul 16

Monday. In days gone by, Monday mornings were a thing of terror. The joy...


Let Him Be

lifeofdaddy - 17th Feb 18

I like to think that I’m a fairly chilled out dad. My wife and...

All Things Breastfeeding

S.S Locke - 12th Feb 17

Do you want to know a secret? Come on in close now. Ready? Women…...

Guys and Dolls

Jamie Day (AKA @ADAYINTHELIFEDAD) - 10th Dec 16

My son Arlo has just turned one. How the hell did that happen? Time...


Thegratefuldad - 8th Dec 16

Guess who’s back?!! After a break of a few months, we appear to have...

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